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Altreonic unveils KURT e-vehicle system for Urban Mobility

Since 3 years Altreonic NV is pursuing the development and market deployment of its light-weight KURT™ electric vehicle system (L6 category). Its disruptive and uniquely modular architecture (patent pending) was specifically designed for urban environments, out-doors as well as in-doors

Two models are in the making. Model-S features a width between 78 and 100 cm and has a maximum speed of 24 km/hr. Model-M features a width between 100 and 140 cm and a maximum speed of 44 km/hr. It also has heavier (Lithium-Ion) batteries and more powerful motors allowing it to carry up to 300 kg. Both vehicles have a a range that allows a full day driving (about 200 km on a flat terrain).

What sets the KURT vehicle really apart from other vehicles is its complete modularity. The vehicle is composed of a self-propelling platform, itself composed of four identical propulsion units consisting of a wheel with its motor and suspension, a battery and all its controlling electronics. The whole vehicle train is steered by a control algorithm that steers the vehicle as a whole by “coordinating” the traction on all the wheels. As each wheel adds propulsion power as well as steering capability, the resulting system is fault tolerant but also adds range capacity when the load increases. As a side-effect, the propulsion is fault tolerant and very manoeuverable. High strength aluminum also results in a robust structure that reduces the production cost at low volumes and yet achieves a lower empty weight.

KURT is a breakthrough for Light E-Vehicles

Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx market research company : “Years ago I pointed out that the 100 or so manufacturers of car- like specialist electric vehicles should not design every one from scratch but have a common platform. Look at the Polaris Industries leisure, military, industrial etc four wheelers. They make no attempt to standardise. Look at the sales figures for the Renault Twizy that should be modularised into ATV, AGV, mobility for the disabled, runabouts in mines with roll bars and ruggedisation and Airport Ground Support Equipment GSE (Charlatte, Stewart & Stevenson etc). All design every vehicle from scratch. The industry is ridiculously fragmented. For example, Bradshaw has only a few million pounds a year turnover in its hand made industrial vehicles. Altreonic’s KURT vehicle is one of the first that has the potential to overcome this uneconomic fragmentation”.

Dr. Bodo Schwieger from Team Red (an international consultancy firm on mobility and transport), stated in an interview: “Amongst the mobility solutions of 150 providers we evaluated, the modularity of the KURT concept is unique”.

(src: private communication April 2016).