are you ready for KURT?

Exploiting all benefits of going electric for mobility


As the unit a single wheel wit motor, small as well as larger vehicle share the propulsion system, allowing to quickly adapt the design for a specific use

Energy efficient

Thanks to the compactness and the lightweight modules in robust aluminum (fully recyclable) and the efficiency of the powertraina KURT vehicle uses 10 times less energy than a conventional fuel based vehicle


Based on a patented design, the modular propulsion platform enables to size the vehicle in dimensions and power as needed


As the superstructure is independent from the propulsion platform, many vehicle variants can be developed without having to redesign the whole vehicle

With KURT, the possibilities are limitless

City-KURT, sustainable mobility for cities


Cities are where most people live and work. Cities are also areas where clean air, light and space are resources to be shared by all. How do we keep this sustainable while we still meet the growing need for people’s mobility and logistic transport? The City-KURT bridges the gap between what people can walk on foot and what public transport offers with a minimal impact on the street view and on the environment